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I have a gorgeous Krishna toy doll! What can I add?

· There's no limit to the amount of fun extras to make playing with Krishna even better ·


Krishna doll toys are - let's rejoice - so much fun!
We can add an amazing amount of accessorises to make play time with Krishna fun.

To help you work out what will match YOUR selected Krishna and Radha or Balaram too dolls - I've put together this post for you.

Krishna doll the ranchor arms move
sweet Krishna doll arms move standing tall best fun to play with

This standing Krishna with moveable arms – Krishna the Ranchor, because he looks so ready to protect everyone – has heaps of toys to fit his size!

Firstly you really need a bed! Select one of the suitably sized beds from all the lovingly handmade sweet sleeping places for Krishna.

Offer Ornaments for His sweet head with a Crown – Various styles of mukut available for His Size!

Srimate Radharani - Radhika! She who brings pleasure to Sri Krishna
What could be sweeter than Radha to play with Krishna?!
tall radha doll made from plastic with pink clothes and a garland for krsna doll

Lord Balaram – the protective elder brother of Sri Krishna

standing balaram doll with his arms in the air

Give Krishna butterpot!

butterpots gaily painted decorated with jewels minature butter pots for Krsna and balaram multi color indian diwali
Butterpots of all shapes and colors suit sweet Krishna

These adorable butter pots are perfect for offerings, whether you add tiny foodstuffs, flowers or other things for sweet Krishna, they will give so much fun to your playtime.

A Waterpot – made from pure Vrindavan Silver

silver waterpot with embossed decorative details indian heritage style waterpot or butterpot for krishna dolls and krsna deities
lei garland from ribbon for krishna deity

Garland or flower mala / lei Decorate Sweet Krishna and Radhika with these darling ribbon and bead flower mala.

Throne or Vyasasana for Sri Krsna

There are multiple throne options which suit this beautiful Krsna – have a browse through Krishna’s Accessories category to see which one you like, as well as nice decorated cloths and cushions or swings.

Animal friends! What is sweeter than playing with Krishna and His friends?

After all, Krishna is never alone! Add more friends to your collection of Krishna toys.