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Remembering Krishna!

Engage your eyes in seeing Krishna
Use your mouth for singing Krishna's glory..
Create with your hands, reminders of Him, offerings to Him & always Remember Krishna

Krishna crafting to remember Krsna! I have been painting and creating since a little child, and in my small way I hope to share some of the wonderful beauty of Krsna and perhaps inspire you to create your own craft with your children.

Why do I call my site “Remember Krishna”? Because Remembering Krishna is loving Krsna, and it’s so life-enhancing!

It has been so much fun developing a range of painted Radharani dolls and Krishna dolls, Balaram dolls and their friends in a range of Krsna doll shapes and sizes and styles!

There are little minature painted figures of Radha and Krishna, Balaram and Rama, Sita, Hanuman and more, who can be set up however you like.

Every single one is crafted with all my love and heart, and when I paint I love to listen to beautiful spirtual talks or bhajans, so really the whole experience is marvellous!

I’m trying to create an archive, a treasure trove, absolutely rich with creative ways we can do Krishna crafting activities, and give our kids (and ourselves) the sort of environment which nurtures their natural soft-hearted attraction to Krsna and lets us all share the brilliance which absolutely abounds amongst all these wonderful Vaishnava devotees of Krsna.

With this goal in mind I’d love to hear if you have a craft idea or project to share! Grand plans for www.RememberKrishna.com include a massive selection of appearance day activities, categorized by the celebration!

You can  purchase my Krsna art from my shop section.
LOVE, Sita