Krsna the ranchor baby arms move


Standing Krishna deity Doll his arms move and he stands on his own.

A perfect gift for all Vaishnava devotees of the lord.

Krishna is large enough to be perfect for wearing garlands and you will have so much fun caring for him.

Krishna doll with arms which are moveable!

He stands so brave & cutely and is a very big boy. His arms move independant of each other and can go up or down.

Krishna the ranchor- means protector.

He stands ready to deal with any demons interfering in the pastimes of play and fun of his cowherd boy friends.

He’s tied his belt and is ready to jump into the Yamuna to deal with Kaliya!

Available on backorder



Krishna deity doll with arms which are moveable!

This krishna is the perfect size for dressing. You can give him a dhoti, garland or crown.

Details will vary per doll with subtle variations in tilak/eyes/etc.

Perfect for children to love and care for.
16.5 cm tall and very lightweight – you will receive x1 doll.
There are many accessories for Krishna which you can purchase, including beds, thrones, conchshell and crowns! Explore more accessories to add to your standing Krishna doll purchase here


Additional information

Weight .05 g
Dimensions 17 × 11 × 17 cm

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