Peacock throne 6×9″


Peacock Throne for Krsna. Dazzling throne with a regal peacock design on the circular back. The tall back creates the effect of a glorious effulgence behind your Krsna doll or murti

Decorated with pearls,  crystal and ruby rhinestones, your beautiful carved wooden peacock throne is a lavish and opulent asana for Krishna dolls or Krsna deities.

Perfect size for multiple different Krsna dolls! See the gallery to see which ones suit it – note that this product is sold without any dolls, you will receive x1 throne.


Approximately measures

9″ tall x 7″ wide

Seat 5″×4.5″

Krishna’s throne in cm:

Seat internal measurements:

13cm wide x11cm deep

Seat overall height 22cm x12 cm deep

See pictures for suitably sized Krishna dolls to fit this gorgeous throne.

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Dazzling peacock throne for Krsna.

Offer a glorious resting place four Krsna with this lovely peacock throne.

Created from dazzling sequins, rhinestones and pearls,  it’s a gorgeous sitting place for Krsna and His friends.

Shown with various different sized krsna dolls,  you will receive x1 throne.

Throne will come in x2 pieces, for safe packing, with screws. You will need a small screwdriver to put in the 4 screws holding the backrest of Krishna’s throne to the seat base.  It’s very easy!

If that’s too challenging, affix front to back with bluetack.

Additional information

Weight 350 g
Dimensions 22 × 19 × 14 cm

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