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I just LOVE kirtan!

· Where can I get those great ones you play?! ·


When I create my instagram videos, or tutorials, I LOVE to play kirtan!
A lot of the time I get totally inundated with messages asking WHERE CAN I GET THAT GREAT SOUNDTRACK? I'M IN LOVE AND I HAVE TO HAVE IT OR I WILL DIE. And any variation thereof.

Well I think we all know I’m not a kirtan hoarder, I LOVE to spread the love!

I’ve put together an ongoing list of my favorite kirtan sources that you can all listen to on my YOUTUBE channel, here’s the link:

I also have my absolute favorites on Soundcloud (I love soundcloud while I work!) The cool band Atmosphera is great for ambient music that makes me happy and I can still work really well to. Some amazing kirtans are just perfect crafting soundtrack but I get distracted and sing along, so they don’t go great with my day job.


Science of Identity

(You can download a beautiful kirtan album from www.wisdom.yoga !) And MORE

So those are a few of the sound tracks I love to play while crafting, working, living and sleeping!

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    May 7, 2018

    Atmasfera – because it is about atma = soul 🙂