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Glorious description of Lord Nityananda, and prayer.

· Lord Nityananda has a shining smile ·


His golden body has a slightly reddish hue..

Lord Nityananda –
Nityananda’s body has a slightly reddish hue, a golden cloth decorates Nityananda’s hips, ankle bells adorn his feet. His eyes are wide and long like a deer – He has a shining smile. Peaceful lotus face with long earrings and bangles.
(my notes from a description heard from a reading of the Chaitanya Mangal, my notes were very imperfect but the description is still wonderful)

Sri Nitai went on pilgramage around the whole world looking for you, Gauranga. 
Lord Nityananda is the perfection of pure prema. You are always happy. Lord Nityananda please let me be happy with you in an ocean of nectar of Krishna prema. Let me taste that nectar.
If we chant Nityananda, begging for his blessings, surely he will be merciful upon us. 

(My notes from my dear gurudev speaking on Lord Nityananda’s Appearance day)