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Youthful krishna deity dressed sweetly in flowers from the forest playing his flute on a ornate pink background

Choosing a Krishna Deity

· Worshipping Krishna in deity form. Life is so sweet when you are at Krishna’s lotus feet ·


Beautiful blackish Syamasundar, smiling at us with His dusky blackish skin and mellow eyes, so entrancing.. and moonlit washed marble white Murli, so entrancingly creamy and dreamy…


I have long admired the Krishna deities which my friends and family have worshipped.

Krishna has so many different moods!

We know that, looking at a deity of Krishna it doesn’t matter from what His form is created. Be it carved wood, formed clay, poured metal or crafted marble – Krishna is so captivating and beautiful that it is His form and transcendental loveliness which prevails. The way in which He captures His dear devotees and accepts their worship is always different. In His adornments, the decorations He wears and the look in His eyes – dreamy, naughty, reassuring, loving, mirthful, reassuring – it’s all there when you begin a relationship with Krishna in His deity form!

But it’s kinda hard to commit to a purchase of a Krishna statue, before you begin worshiping Him.

krishna syamasundar deity with red garland, peacock feather black syamasundar marble deity formAfter so much wonder and bliss and attraction to so very many different deities, I am personally dithering and have been for years – dark Krishna or light Krishna? Because really… it doesn’t matter, it’s just KRISHNA I want!

White marble krishna deity radha kauai deity dressed beautiful garments from remember krishna silk dhoti and garments

Radha’s Krishna deity

But even so, I’ve been looking and looking at deities, thinking, I would really like Krishna to look after here, to make Him garlands and clothes and rest my eyes on Him as I chant japa and sing to my Lords.. or like I used to, have Him with me as I work ready to bedazzle my eyes and capture my heart.

deity on my work desk with little photo frames Krishna deity while I work looking lovingly at me

Krishna used to be with me like this, standing at my desk with me all day long. It was so nice! He has gone now, as He was just on a long term babysitting.

It’s this ever-going-around circle in my head. This morning I looked at the deity of Krishna I have recently painted – a black soapstone Krishna, who was imperfectly carved, but now, He is just so CHARMING! And if He were mine I know that I wouldn’t change Him for any other! He has this very JOYFUL and HAPPY look (which is just so perfect for the bubbly devotee who will be taking Him home) and it was such a delightful flash of perception. Krishna is Krishna. He will inhabit a deity form and the color texture quality etc are all immaterial because… it’s Krishna! He is above the material considerations and will sneak in and steal our hearts.

So – do I know whether I want a black marble Krishna or a white marble Krishna now? Yes. Black or white (light blue I should say) either way I am happy.

Krishna deity in white marble with flute, peacock feather and effulgence

Now its all about looking for Krishna at the right age. What’s the right age? Any age of Krishna! I’m kind of joking, but I do think that Krishna makes His own arrangements that He comes to you just as He should.


Look at youthful and blushing Krsna here: Youthful krishna deity dressed sweetly in flowers from the forest playing his flute on a ornate pink background


The mistake I don’t want to make again:

When I ordered my own dear Nitai Gaura deities, I had ordered the exact same deities that my sister has. (My sisters deities are SO SO SWEET!) Her Gaura Nitai deities have these meek and mild faces, so far removed from looking at the world, but focused on Krishna, and this dainty posture, arms raised high.. Oh I just LOVE them!


So I placed an order, with the same supplier, for these deities. But then, to my consternation, the supplier sent back a picture of the deities they were sending. I wailed and woe’d! It was absolutely NOT a set from the same mold. They were different in a zillion ways. I tried again –  I emailed back and said – “NO! These are NOT the deities I want.” And I resent the picture of my sister’s Lords, pointing out the differences. OK – next I got a pic back (of the same deities) with painted base to mimic the bases on my sister deities, and painted faces… Oh, so not the point!… So I gave up, and said ok, well, if that’s what you are sending me what can I do.

And then. They arrived.

Nitai Gaur deities sita's lords raised arms chanting and dancing deities beautifully dressed and decorated with flowers and wigs

The minute I cracked open the box (they arrived in this massive crate! So well packed and stored, and it was obvious this Immense TREASURE had arrived on my doorstep! So the minute I opened the box and before I had even untied them and lifted them out, I had lost my heart. I cried out of happiness and wonder. Krishna had chosen how to come to me and They were perfect. I have to laugh about it now, that I thought I knew best.

Krishna knows how you want to relate to Him. He knows your heart.

My deities have this amazing welcoming presence. They have wide open hearts and arms open welcoming and lifted up as they dance. They have very curved dancing hips and one foot is lifted off the ground – They are dancing all the time, and I dress Them in clothes that won’t get in the way of Their transcendental dancing. Their eyes are big and lustrous, They have beautiful smiles that are at once grave and happy, and to see them is to see how They invite us into the spiritual world.

Worshipping Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda deities is so nice; we develop the mood of service. If I’m lazy out of bed or lazy to cook dinner I remember that I haven’t woken up my Lords or offered them food, actually it keeps me more regulated! And I worry about them, while I am cooking, if they will like it and try and keep the mood of cooking it nice. Mostly I’m super lazy, so it helps to have this little prompting!

When my parents took care of my Nitai Gaura while I was away for a week, years ago, here’s my Lords with their Lords:

nitai gaur deities in two sizes, small gaura nitai large nitai gaur deities both beautiful

My parents  darling Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda deities, but they love to come and visit my Lords and offer worship with kirtan.

If you think you might like to order the same set (haha!) you can contact me to get the name of the supplier!

Read my blog about different types of deity forms that may work for your family –coming soon!.


  1. Reply

    Surabhi dasi

    November 3, 2017

    What a beautiful post!

    When seeing you deities of Nitai Gaur on Instagram they have always been the most heart melting for me. I have often shown my husband saying “would you just look at her beautiful boys!” So it is really cool to hear the story behind how they came to you!

    • Reply

      remember krishna

      November 4, 2017

      Oh that is so LOVELY! Thanks for sharing! They are so sublime and oh your boys… I screenshot every share you do! Because they are just so wonderful and gorgeous!

  2. Reply

    Dave B

    November 2, 2017

    Thank you, what a read! I totally get the dilemma of dark or light Krishna.

    I have been restless over getting the perfect deities for years now and I’ve finally concluded that the most important thing is giving our love to Krishna whether the deity is wood, stone, paper etc. It’s how we relate that is the essence of our worship.

    I have to keep reminding myself of this as often i see someone else’s deity and im like “I want Him” lol

    • Reply

      remember krishna

      November 4, 2017

      I know isn’t it easy to be acquisitive over all the beautiful deity of Krishna?! I sure am!
      At the end of the day, my Nitai Gaur are so lovely and beautiful, actually I’m very happy with them… but I Love being able to make clothes for Krishna deities… I bet if I had Krishna here I would not put as much energy into making clothes. I think I only do a few new sets a year for my Nitai Gaur. I just wish those friends with the Krishna deities were close enough for me to visit and chant with…
      Our annual retreat is SO AMAZING because Krishna comes!

  3. Reply


    November 2, 2017

    Thank you for this beautiful post. I cannot wait to have my Deities installed. Jaya NitaiGaur!

  4. Reply


    November 2, 2017

    I had so much fun reading this! Loved hearing of your experience with Nitai Gaur.. always so personal and fun! ?