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Alternatives to tv evenings

· Find yourself a way to remember Krishna with your family ·


This blog post is inspired by... Me! I really needed to revisit what our evenings were becoming, during a difficult phase in our household life midyear.
Doing things with Krishna is so much nicer than handing your mind over to the television, although we might all relate to the easiness of that.

This is kind of an evolution post. I started it when I was gripped by tv as entertainemnt, and while I stopped that, after a while I started reading fiction. So whatever your drug of choice is, your mental candy or comfort food, lets explore some alternate ideas and also take a good solid look at why we are doing that!

By the end of the day most people are totally exhausted, and sometimes it’s easy to slide into the habit of watching television programs… When I have just moved or my life is in upheaval or I’m feeling lazy, lonely, sad or unhappy, I do have a tendency to turn to some mental junkfood!

Recently I listened to a wonderful lecture from my spiritual master, Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda on our tendency to turn to anything BUT Krsna.. It really helped clarify in my mind what was going on with me and my mentality. You see, I’ve kind of fallen back into a really absorbing habit, which is reading.  My life has taken a couple of swirly turns, and been for me and my family, a personal crisis. Our battle to survive in this sink or swim world.

The main point I took away from the eye opening lecture was that; when we fill our emptiness with substitutes for Krsna, we are papering over the very loneliness and heart ache which is what we should be turning and filling up with Krsna!

We have to remember that it’s not a good practice to fall into, as you are opening yourself up to whatever subject matter you decide to watch, and in the evenings just before bed it’s particularly influential. (my problem!)

Instead you can read a book, (scripture), color in, or tell your kids a Krishna story.

You can also listen to a lecture, do japa, or do a puzzle.

Maybe you enjoy colouring in, or you could do that with your kids.

Prepare an arotik tray for the morning! All ideas…

I hope that just writing this will help ME to remember Krishna – because in remembering Krishna comes loving Krsna, and nothing is sweeter for the heart than loving Krishna.