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The name “Krsna” means All-Attractive. Krsna is a name for God like ‘darling’ – a very intimate name for the Supreme.

Each soul enjoys a transcendental eternal relationship with Krsna – that means you, and I, we are eternally connected little love sparks of the Supreme.

Out of  love for us, Krishna sends His representatives to us and He appears Himself.


 “Although I am unborn and My transcendental body never deteriorates, and although I am the Lord of all sentient beings, I still appear in every millennium in My original transcendental form.”
Bhagavad-Gita 4:6

Some of my favorite names for Krsna are; Gopinath, Syama, Kishor, Kishan, Krsna, Madana Mohana, Murli…

The softness and sweetness that is Krsna’s nature means that He loves us, regardless of our love  for Him, or our failings or faults. We do not need to be perfect for God to love us – a very comforting understanding! Instead we can rely on Him to be always looking for our best interest, as our real friend.


“It is Krishna, the perfect Friend, who loves us unconditionally.  Even if we are sinful, God still loves us.  Some people think that if they’re sinful, God no longer loves them.  So when they’re sinful, they’re afraid to approach God, thinking they’re impure.  But this is a great mistake.  God loves me unconditionally – that is real love.  Everyone else loves me with conditions.  You’ll love me if I love you.  And I get angry if I feel I love you more than you love me.  This isn’t real love; it’s the so-called love of the world.  Krishna is completely different.  God, Krishna, loves us even though we have no love for Him.”
Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda

This is such a beautiful explanation for who Krsna is and what our eternal relationship with Him.