Radha doll poseable


Radhe gopi doll for little Vaishnavas.

Sweet Radha is the best doll ever.  She will inspire love and creativity.

She tilts her head and looks so sweetly around. Set her up to play gopi pastimes with sweet Krishna doll.

Her hands arms legs,  ankles and head are are articulated (they can bend and turn). She is made in the style of the ball jointed dolls – they are poseable, and strung with elastic, with all lovely proportions. The eyes can also be positioned differently with a little effort.

Dressed in a gorgeous red and blue outfit, with hair you can style, have the best fun playing with your gorgeous Radhika doll.



Sweet Radha doll – fully poseable & dressable.

She comes with an outfit and a lotus.

Accessories sold separately

Uniquely created,  small variations in clothing,  ornamentation,  hair,  May be present.

Handle with loving care.

If stock status is listed as BACKORDER: the following applies:

This Radhe is a product made to order. There may be a 6 week creation period before your doll is ready. If you want radha doll in a hurry, please get in touch to see how long before she will be ready.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 16 × 5 × 16 cm

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