Your Custom order – Krishna Krsna doll


Enchanting Lord Krishna baby doll – order your own customized Krishna doll, with the unique hue, color of dhoti and either a crown, flower head lei, garland, jewellery, anklets, of your choice. You can send a picture of a krsna doll you loved and want me to attempt to recreate. You can stipulate dhoti color. Eye color. and whether he has a stand up peacock feather and flower in his bun.

Perfect for pockets and pretend play, this darling Kishore Krishna doll  is versatile and charming.

He comes with a little sleeping bag bed to make him really fun for littles to play with.  Just putting him in and out is fun.

He is also perfect cake topper (he has a light seal and icing will wipe off) or put him in your car or in home for a sweet reminder. Sitting by your computer or kitchen sink, just sweet to glance at, or specially kept for kids toy, he is made of plastic so he is not easy to break although must be treated with care.

Gifts don’t get sweeter than gifts which help you remember the beautiful blackish boy Kishore & his transcendental companions!

Dimensions: 7cm x8cm



Beautiful Krishna  – with his flower crown full of forest flowers.

One of a kind and unique. Krishna doll has been decorated as a young boy, at home in the village of Braja, ready to play and crawl after the cows and play in sight of Mother Yasoda.

Each Krishna doll created has subtle variations to keep them unique and one- of a kind.

This little form of soft tender blackish Krishna Kishore is a heart theif. He is very attractive to children for imaginative play.

The sleeping bag he comes with gives him a little portable home, and he is a great size to fit into your childs hand and a childs pocket.

Your Krishna doll can also be placed on the dashboard of a car or positioned on a shelf.

Krishna Kishore doll also makes a beautiful gift for friends. What could be sweeter than giving a gift of love.

Some clever souls are using our Krishna doll and Balaram dolls as ornaments for their Christmas tree! Have a sneak peek by clicking this link: here!

Please note: that according to your screen resolution colors may appear slightly different than they appear on screen.

We happily ship worldwide.

You are welcome to order multiple quantities.  Please note that each Krishna doll is individually hand painted and no two are identical.

Care:Dolls are glazed with a water-based lacquer and are not able to be immersed in water.
They are resistant to damage but they may break if handed to a child under 3 without supervision.

Construction: Krishna doll figurines are made on a painted plastic base, and may have the addition of genuine Swarvoski crystals, adornments such as braid or beads, fabric or other embellishments.

The sleeping bags are subject to fabric availability and are always made with love and care however the fabric and laces used will vary, and may differ from the pictured sleeping bag example.

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Additional information

Weight .05 g
Dimensions 30 × 8 × 7.5 cm