Krishna and his friends set of 3


Krishna Balaram and Radharani dolls – Develop your love for Krishna by caring for this sweet set of Krishna Radharani and Balaram dolls.

You can order all sorts of accessories, ornaments, beds, swings and crowns and even clothes for these little charming dolls.

They are perfect to put on your desk at work, or give to a child for a special occasion like a birthday or coming of age event. Every special time should be commemorated with Krishna gifts I say!

One fun way to use your set of Radha, Krishna, Balaram dolls, is to use them to decorate a cake! Then the cake AND the dolls on top of the cake are part of the beautiful gift given. If you aren’t great at cake decorating, it’s a great way to disguise that, top the cake with your krishna and friends, and animal friends, and no one will notice it’s a store brought simply iced cake below… Don’t believe me? Check my birthday cake made for daughters 10th birthday! (see on instagram)

Of course that isn’t the ONLY way to use them, but sure is fun!

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Krishna Balaram Radharani dolls are individually hand crafted, and this set of Radha, Krishna & Balaram are lovingly detailed.

They  are ideal for young children to learn to love Krishna and play care for Krishna doll, sweet Radharani doll and Balaram doll.

The dolls are made of plastic which is reasonably durable, but care should be taken not to drop or put pressure on doll.

They should not come into contact with water, but are lacquered with a water-resistant non-toxic polyurethane varnish.

Welcome Krishna into your life and heart with this beautiful set of Krishna dolls.

They are so sweet and cute, and we are so happy that they have become very popular – they are ordered by people all over the world, and we post them off to all corners of the globe.

Each doll is lovingly handpainted, and there are some individual variations natural to handmade art. Little details may vary although care is taken to make them as close to identical as possible… The dolls pictured are the exact type you will receive, although sometimes the expression or eyes vary, doll to doll.

approximately 3 inches high.

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Dimensions 25 × 12 × 8 cm