BalGopal poseable


Bal Gopal -Tiny baby Krishna doll, just perfectly sized and charmingly sweet.

His little body is jointed, so he can sit down or stand up, or snuggle up!

His hair is beautifully soft and wildly curly, and has a little topknot. A flower sits in Kishan’s hair, and he has a pearl drop above his lips.

Play with Krishna doll to your hearts content and have the most fun setting Him up in all different poses, with butterpot, with monkey friends, and with snuggles!

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Bal gopal Littlest baby Krishna doll – poseable

He can reach his arms to you,  play a flute,  turn his head at angles, sit down, stand alone, oh he’s perfect!

Just satisfy your heart with His sweet beauty and let your mind remember all the beautiful bala Gopal pastimes of little baby Krishna in nandagram. Recreate them with sweet little Krishna!

Krishna is approx 4 inches tall. He comes with a soft silk thread flower garland,  and a little cute yellow dhoti.

His garland and dhoti are removable.

In bal Gopal hair he has a bun,  adorned with pearls and ornament ed with a dazzling jewel set in gold.

He has a little flower in his hair.

Krishna has lots of extra special things that he suits and is perfectly sized for! Explore accessories!


Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 6 cm

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