Snuggling Radha & Krishna baby dolls eyes open


The perfect real love All love pair. Radha has her eyes wide open and gazing at Krishna with love and happiness, Krishna smilingly and contentedly gazes on Radha with Love and pleasure.

These sweet dolls will capture hearts and be much loved by all.

Gorgeously unique, each doll is hand painted with love and great attention to detail.

In the Radha-rasa-sudha-nidhi it says. “So powerful is the glancing of Her eyes, that the flute slips from Krishna’s hands and His peacock crown starts to slip.”

“When Srimati Radharani smiles, waves of joy overtake Her cheeks, and Her arched eyebrows dance like the bow of Cupid. Her glance is so enchanting that it is like a dancing bumblebee, moving unsteadily due to intoxication. That bee has bitten the whorl of My heart.” (Vidagdha-madhava 2.51)

Krishna wants to be loved by us, He wants to be our treasure – treasure Him with love, by your bed, in your car, at your work desk, in the kitchen, create a special little RadhaKrsna doll nook and warm your heart gazing on them with Love.


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These dolls started from remembering the beautiful transcendentally wonderful pastime of Srimate Radharani’s appearance, and how her very first sight in the world was sweet Krishna.

I’ve shared a little excerpt from this pastime below; don’t ask my source – a trusted devotee friend!

They are such a perfect pair and you can see, they nestle together and make a heart! They snuggle up and fit into each others space so sweetly.

Because they are made of a durable plastic they are a really nice set for children because they can stand a lot of loving!

They are varnished with a water based lacquer: but should be protected from water. Always handle with love and kindness.

They make beautiful little birthday cake toppers too! See a similar pair in action here:


The Puranas relate a story concerning the divine appearance of Srimati Radharani as follows.

One day, Vrishabhanu Maharaja went to the bank of Yamuna at around noon to take a midday bath. At that moment he saw a golden lotus flower floating on the water and shining brightly like a thousand suns.

Vrishabhanu immediately waded into the river and when he came near to the golden lotus flower, he beheld the most beautiful and radiant form of baby girl lying within the petals of the lotus.

At that same moment, Lord Brahma suddenly appeared there and speaking in a grave voice, informed Vrishabhanu that in his previous life, Vrishabhanu and his wife Kirtida had performed great austerities for the consort of Lord Vishnu as their daughter.

Lord Brahma told Vrishabhanu that this girl was the origin of the goddess Lakshmi. Lord Brahma then placed the baby girl in the arms of Vrishabhanu who became overjoyed, and after taking permission from Lord Brahma, returned to his home.

Seeing the beautiful baby girl shining like millions of autumnal moons, mother Kirtida was overcome with joy and immediately arranged for all kinds of religious rites to be performed and donated thousands of cows to the brahmanas.

At that time baby Radhika was placed in a gem-studded cradle and gently rocked back and forth by all the little girls of the village. Day by day Her luster increased just like the digits of the moon.

Within a short while it was observed that the baby girl had not yet opened Her eyes. Vrishabhanu and his wife feared that their baby girl was perhaps blind from birth.

At that time, Narada Muni visited the home of Vrishabhanu and informed him that regardless of the girl’s apparent blindness, they should continue with the birth celebrations.

Vrishabhanu therefore made elaborate arrangements for a lavish birth celebration and sent out invitations to all the residents of Ravala and Gokula and especially to his dear friend Nanda Maharaja and his family.

On the appointed day, the guests had assembled and the birth celebrations were going on in great jubilation. Nanda Maharaja and Queen Yasoda had arrived with Rohini and also brought their small children Krishna and Balarama.

Kirtida met with her dear friend Yasoda and told her that she was very happy to have such a beautiful daughter, but was feeling rather distraught because her child was blind.

Krishna had just passed His first birthday and was happily crawling around the courtyard on His hands and knees.

Arriving at the cot in which Radhika was lying, Krishna held on to the sides and managed to lift himself up. He then peered into the cot where His gaze fell upon the beautiful moon-like face of baby Radhika.

As soon as baby Radhika smelt the exotic fragrance of Krishna’s transcendental body, She immediately opened Her eyes for the very first time, and looked directly at Krishna.

As Krishna gazed lovingly at Radhika, He began smiling ecstatically.

As told by @krishnaeveryday


2.5inches long

1.5 inches high

1.5 inches wide

in CM:

6.5cm x 3.5cm

Purchase little sleeping bags for your Radha and Krishna so they can snuggle down and rest in comfort.



“Although the effulgence of the moon is brilliant initially at night, in the daytime it fades away. Similarly, although the lotus is beautiful during the daytime, at night it closes. But, O My friend, the face of My most dear Srimati Radharani is always bright and beautiful, both day and night. Therefore, to what can Her face be compared?” (Vidagdha-madhava 5.20)


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