Miniature rug carpet


Gorgeous blue carpet in a miniature Krishna size.

Perfect for offering a beautiful sitting place for Krishna.

This opulent little carpet is intricately embroidered with a traditional Indian pattern.

Soft and very sweet, it is a lovely area to place your Krishna doll on, and makes a beautiful accessory.

Create warmth and comfort with this charming rug, and enchant your heart.  You will receive x1 carpet, Krishna dolls are sold separately.

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Perfect little carpet for Krsna dolls.

16cm x10cm

Intricately embroidered carpet, with the most incredible tiny details .

The carpet is fringed with a gentle white fringed border, and makes a beautiful resting place for Krsna to sit lie or stand, and is perfect in an altar if you want Krishna deity to stand on a nice surface.

You will receive x1 carpet, all Krishna dolls pictured are sold separately.

Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 10 × 16 × 1 cm

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