Matryoshka set Krishna doll

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OOAK Unique set of Radha, Krishna, Lalita, Vishaka and Tulasi devi Matryoshka doll set.

The fun and wonder of these wooden stacking dolls is that they open up and out pops another, another and another, til you have 5 beautiful dolls all lined up!

Krishna matryoshka doll is the largest – he plays his flute in the beautiful starry evening. Radha matryoshka doll is the second one. She is radiantly beautiful with exquisite lotus shaped eyes, holding a basket of flowers for Sri Krishna. Next opens up Lalita! She is playful and charming, with darting eyes and garments like the color of a peacock. Lalita Matryoshka doll opens up to a darling little Vishaka doll, soft, sweet and simple, with garments decorated with stars, and a charming face. Finally the last teeny tiny matyroshka doll is a little Tulasi devi bush!

Have fun opening and closing this OOAK heirloom art painted doll set.

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Uniquely yours, this Krishna Matryoshka doll set is hand painted and unbearably precious.

Krishna plays his flute in the evening, with enchanting louts shaped eyes, an opulent peacock feather headdress and pearl necklace decorating his enchanting form. Nestled up against him is a sweet cow. His golden and orange garments billow in the gentle moonlight breeze.

His flute is ready to delight all the gopis.

Open up Krishna Matryoshka doll and inside is Radha Matryoshka doll!

Radha’s features are delicately painted with fine strokes. She has beautiful eyes which are gazing at Krishna with a sideways glance. Radharani holds a lotus bud in her hand, and the other hand dangles a sweet basket of blossoms for the pleasure of her dear Krishna. She is crowned with a radiant jewel and has a heart shaped locket at her neck, in which of course is inscribed the name KRISHNA. Her fair head is crowned with a halo of fragrant red blossoms, and she has gold and pearl bracelets. She is demurely cloaked in a blue sari dupatta over her red garments.

Open sweet Radha to unveil the delightful Lalita Matryoshka doll! All the gopis love to be part of Radha and Krishna’s pastimes, and Lalita is always in the company of Sri Radha, delighting in organzing the loving debates! Fiery Lalita is playful and sweet, she wears the colors of a peacock and her mood is loving and laughing.  Her cheeks in her lovely face are rosy, and she looks towards Radha and Krishna with delight. Her twin buns are ornamented with beautiful purple blossoms and pearls.

Inside Lalita Matryoshka doll is little Vishaka! Vishaka matryoshka doll is all dreamy eyed. She has a big smile as she watches all the fun, and is dressed in blue garments.

Hiding inside the Lalita Matryoshka doll is a teeny weeny little Tulasi bush! The tiniest matryoshka doll of this Krishna set, Tulsi is always offered at the feet of Sri Krishna. Her purple and green blossoms are healthy and pretty, and she has a lovely golden pot.

Now it’s time to stack them all back together!

In height, Krishna’s total height is 11cm. Each doll is progressively smaller so they fit inside the other.

These Krishna Matryoshka dolls make an amazing gift, and will be treasured for a lifetime.

They take many hours and days and weeks to paint – this set has been in production for the past 3 years! Finally I have finished painting them, and am ready to share with you! As it is the only set like this painted in existence, they are completely heirloom and precious.

Take care of them nicely, keep away from water. Varnished with layers of gloss.

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Dimensions 6.5 × 6 × 11 cm