Lotus flower accessory


Lotus flower accessory four krsna murti, radha deity, or Radha Krsna dolls.

Hand crafted from Polymer clay,  the lotus is flexible, light weight,  and soft.

It is perfect to add to a turban for Krsna, along with a peacock feather!

Choose from pink or blue lotus flower.

You will receive x1 lotus flower for Krsna or Radha.




Lotus accessory for Radha Krsna murti or dolls.

Exquisite 1.5cm lotus flower hand crafted from Polymer clay,  on a flexible wire base.

Twine into hair or place in Radha’s hand,  adorn Krsna’s bun, or decorate your altar.

Not everyone can have fresh flowers all the time,  and lotus are never this tiny, that I know of!

Place this gloriously realistic flower in the soft hair of Krsna deity, maybe just behind Krsnas beautiful ear, as I have done in this photo.


Additional information

Choose lotus color

Blue lotus flower, pink lotus flower