Krishna’s baby monkey with curly tail

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Baby monkey doll with poseable head.

Cute and adorable little monkey for Krishna dolls or to put on the altar with Krishna, suits Goverdhan Hill activities or playtime.

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This adorable baby monkey with a curly tail doll is so cute!

Little monkey really suits Krishna dolls of all shapes and sizes.

Monkey doll has a pose able head – it turns. The long curvy tail on this monkey doll toy has a little swirl in it, and is just perfect for playing with Krishna.

Adorable Krishna is always having fun with His friends and one of the many activities which Krishna and His brother Balaram would get up to is playing with the monkeys! Monkeys are everywhere in Vrindavan! You can find them behind the naughtiest of activities, and who is their biggest ringleader in trouble? Krishna!

You need to have monkey toys to complete the fun of playing with Krishna and Balaram dolls!

You will receive x1 monkey doll with a poseable head and long curly tail, cute huge eyes and a little tuft of hair on head. Monkey is in sitting position


4 x 3cm

or in inches:

2inches x 1.5inches

Additional information

Weight 7 g
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 3 cm

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