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Embrace beautiful Krishna doll – darling of all – Perfectly sized for loving.

He and clasps a mirror to his chest or a rattle, if you prefer. Maybe it’s a treasure for Srimate Radharani, or maybe Mother Yasoda has given him the mirror to check his beautiful face decorations before he runs off with Subala and Madhumangala to the forest with all the little calves.

Krsna is sometimes called vanamali. Vana means forest and mali gardener, so vanamali refers to one who extensively uses flowers and garlands on different parts of His body. – NOD

This unique hand painted doll is a one- of – a – kind statue of Krishna.  The size is just perfect to be a training deity for a child.

He can be dressed, laid down to rest, and stood up and offered to. He is stable on His little lotus like feet and will stand very easily. He can have little braid crowns for worship.

He will fit in may different little doll size beds or thrones.

Fall in love with Krsna from a young age! Give him your heart and he will give you his.




Krishna is yours and you are His. Give Him your heart, and give your children a Krishna doll gift of love they will treasure forever.

Little Krishna doll is hand painted just for you. He is crafted from sturdy plastic and will not shatter from being dropped. He is durable and varnished with a water-resistant polyurethane lacquer, but should not be immersed in water at any point.

Give this perfect and unique Krishna doll to children as a perfect Vaishnava gift from years 3 – through to 14.

While children may be too young to relate to other little deities of Krishna they can relate perfectly to sweet Krishna who can be tucked into a bed, and taken in and out to hearts content.


You can give him a crown  and pack him a lunch bag or offer him a little lunch plate (purchased separately)

Collect a little set of Krishna animal friends, and set up a little tableau for Krishna.

The happiest playtimes occur from the heart.

approximately 5″ tall.

To have a look at some of the videos I created during the time I was making sweet Krishna, click here

Uniquely hand painted and one of a kind, this exquisitely cute Krsna doll stands on his two feet and is just the right size for pockets and little hands to hold on to.


Krishna is so sweet – he will always be our dearest friend – a lovely incident of Krishna and a young boy is recorded in the story of Pyoli.

“He laughed at the squirrels as they scampered up the trees and smiled at the shy deer who stopped eating grass as he walked by. Suddenly Pyoli heard the sound of a boy’s laugh and when he turned around, he saw Gopala standing there smiling at him. Pyoli ran to Gopala and hugged Him. From then on, everyday Pyoli would meet his dear friend Gopala and they would walk and play in the forest.”


This description by Krsnadas Kaviraj describes an incident in Vrindavan, with the most wonderful descriptions of the beauty of dear sweet Krishna.

The gopi VRNDA has two pupils named Kalokti and Manjuvak. They are parrots and Vrnda engages them in praising Radha and Krishna.

Manjuvak said “Although my poetry is not very sweet and is devoid of good qualities, it will be relishable for the saints because it describes Krishna’s qualities.”

“Sri Krishna’s feet eclipse the beauty of Visnu’s feet. A single mentioning of the glories of Krishna’s feet at once removes one’s thirst for everything else. One becomes highly astonished upon seeing their beauty, which gladdens all the senses. Their touch removes all miseries of fatigue and gives happiness. May they be our everything.”

Krishna’s lotus feet always gladdens the tongues of the honeybee-like devotees with their fragrance, which fills the whole world. The toes are the petals and the nails are the whorls of these lotuses which pervade all directions with their fragrance.”

With a glance, Vrnda engaged the parrot Kalokti to speak. “Krishna’s knees shine beautifully and His knees show lines when He walks, and they contract, show no lines, when Krishna stands still. May those knees fulfill our desires.”

“Krishna’s navel is like a deep lake full of natural beauty where the thirsty elephant-like hearts of the gopis drown, never to come back up again.”

“Krishna’s very thin, beautiful belly is more soft and fragrant than a fresh tamala leaf that is smeared with musk. His belly is slightly raised on both sides and slightly lowered in the middle. May that belly illuminated my mind.”

“Krishna’s lips defeat the beauty of the bimba fruits, and the small lines in the middle naturally make one forget all other attachments. He scents these lips even more with the nectar of His fine, long flute, playing with which He attracts the whole world.”

…After a long description of every part of Krishna’s body, the voices of the two parrots then became choked with ecstasy, and they stopped speaking. At that time the gopi audience became momentarily stunned, their minds drowning in the nectarean ocean of the parrot’s words. –KRSNADAS KAVIRAJA


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Weight .10 g
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 8 cm
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Kishore Krishna, Yashoda Dulala Krishna

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