Gopala Sri Krishna BJD Poseable


Gopala Sri Krishna BJD doll with poseable body.

You can rotate His head, dress Him, sit Him down, stand Him up unassisted and move His arms, legs, feet, wrists… He is carefully crafted with joints to allow you to pose Him to your hearts delight.

He can hold a flute and bring it to His mouth to play!

What could be more fun than your own exquisite Gopal Krishna ball jointed doll to play with? !

This unique Krsna is incredibly sweet.

While taking photos of Him to share, it was very hard to stop! His soft blue complexion is tinted delicately pink with a light blush and His lips are the perfect color of a berry. His sweet ears and darling feet are worth your attention and adoration!

He comes with a flower crown, and a decorated embellished pink crown. His raven hair, is twisted up in a knot at the top of His head, just right for setting flowers and peacock feathers into.

You can accessorise Krishna with further flower garlands, offer Him sweets and butterpots, a throne to sit on and a bed to rest in! 

If you want to explore further things which suit this beautiful Krishna – expore this page! It has a full listing of different options, and the Krsna doll sizes are not too different.

In stock (can be backordered)



Standing at approximately 26cm tall, You will recieve this unique Heirloom Krishna doll who is made of a good quality finest resin, that feels porcelain smooth.

His body is able to be positioned. Using magnets and an incredible internal string system, His body has lots of proper joints to allow it to acheive realistic motion.

His complexion is delicately tinged with pink, and His wide eyes are green. His luscious hair is a wig of the softest high quality Kanekalon synthetic fibre, and able to be styled.

Krishna comes with x1 flower crown, and x1 pink delicate jeweled crown. He has a peacock feather for His hair (real feather).

He has anklets, armlets, bracelets, a necklace and a silk thread garland.

He is dressed in a sweet shawl, with a pure silk sash, tipped with pearl beads, and a golden yellow pure silk dhoti which is created in traditional heritage style, and stiched closed so you can easily take it on and off.

Beautiful sweet Krishna needs to be lovingly cared for.

Keep away from harsh sunlight. Ensure your hands are always clean when handling Him – do not scratch the paint, or get oils on Him.

Krsna also comes with a little plastic stand, to allow you to easily position Him.

He will stand on His own feet (and what beautiful lotus feet they are!) without the stand, however, some positions are better with the stand support.

If backorder is the stock status available, then krsna is made to order, with a variable 6-8 weeks wait. Accessories subject to change on back order (different crown/necklace/bracelets possibly. )

Additional information

Weight 125 g
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 10 cm

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