Elephant monkey parrot friends


Mount Krishna to tour Vrindavan or Mathura with his elephant friend carrier!

Perfectly sized to fit seated Krishna or Radha/Balaram dolls.

Comes with animal friends for a full playtime fun

Set is elephant, monkey & parrot.

In stock (can be backordered)

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Elephant throne carrier for Krishna.

Have fun with this adorable little elephant doll parrot and monkey set – add them to your Krishna doll and have fun playing with Baby Krishna doll and his animal friends.

(Krishna sold separately).

Krishna’s elephant has little gliders so you can pull him along by the flower cord around his neck (which extends and retracts). Buy multiple elephants to make an elephant procession, carrying Krishna Balaram and Radha!

These gorgeous elephant dolls have heads crowned with flowers that gently wobble and move, making them endearing and adorable. The elephant hide is dusted with glitter.

They have an special throne on their backs, which just perfectly sit the little Krishna dolls.

The sweet monkey friend has a head which turns and wobbles too, and can clutch things in his monkey hands.

Completing Krishna’s animal friends is a happy yellow and green parrot.

Each elephant is unique and lovingly hand painted with a gorgeous blanket and vibrant decorations.


6.5 inches long (tail to nose)  x 5.5 inches tall (feet to top of throne) 3 inches wide (ear to ear)

OR elephant doll in CM:

16.5 long (tail to nose)  x 14cm tall (feet to top of throne) 7.5cm wide (ear to ear)


5×5cm or monkey doll in inches: 2″ × 2″


3.5cm x 2.5cm

Parrot doll in inches: Approx 1″ × 1.5″

Additional information

Weight 139 g
Dimensions 16 × 7.5 × 14 cm

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