DVD – Lord Chaitanya delivers a dog

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Lord Chaitanya pastime movie, so emotional and exhilarating viewing for all Vaishnava devotees of Sri Krishna Chaitanya.

While travelling to Jagannath Puri to visit Lord Chaitanya, Sivananda Sena takes pity upon a stray dog, caring for him and allowing him to join the party of travellers. When the dog goes missing one night, the devotees are very unhappy and anxiously search for him, but what happens next surprises them all…

Filmed in the scenic Australian hinterland, this carefully crafted movie shows the story of when Lord Chaitanya delivered a dog.

Using child actors, a professional cinematographer and high quality editing, devotees have produced this epic movie. You will laugh and cry with emotion through the story, and feel blissful just remembering the pastimes of Lord Chaitanya and His very dear associates.

Perfect for entertaining children with, let them watch and absorb, and feel happy that they are being entertained AND absorbed in Krishna consciousness! The best use of a screen.

You will receive this DVD by mail – please do not copy or share the material within, instead let all your friends know where you bought it, and reward the hard work of the actors, editors, producers, and film team.



Lord Chaitanya delivers a dog – movie carefully following the story as set out in the translations of Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita as translated by Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupad, a topmost pure devotee of Sri Krishna, and well-wisher of the entire world.

Carefully scripted and lovingly filmed, watch the story unfold. From when Sivananda Sen sets out to visit Lord Chaitanya and a dog joins their party, his compassionate nature means he cares for the dog lovingly, and is greatly distressed when the dog disappears.

Continuing their journey the devotees meet Lord Chaitanya and discover to their wonder, that the dog is with Lord Chaitanya and chanting!

Main movie 21 minutes

Behind the scenes outtakes 20 minutes

You will receive x1 DVD by mail.

Please do not copy or otherwise distribute this dvd, should you like to distribute, please reach out to me by email.


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