Crowns for Krishna deities & Krsna dolls


Ornately opulent crowns for Krishna deities and Krishna dolls made from bedazzling metal and diamonties.

Fitted with an elastic strap they are adjustable for various sizes and so special!

The amount of work and intricacy that goes into each little crown is astonishing.




Dwarkadish Krishna deity crowns! Bringing some bling, these beautiful crowns are made with elaborate metal work studded with sparkling stones in stonework bedazzle!

The crowns are fitted with stretchy golden elastic so you can use them on a variety of forms of Krishna deity.

There are 3 sizes of crown.

The crowns are made of a rounded metal base. It is important to choose the right size for your Krsna deity or Krishna doll.

Small – for heads circumference 8.5cm /3.2″ – but fitted with stretchy elastic, so give or take half an inch this crown can fit around that size.

Medium –

Large –

Have a look at how they fit and how they look, here:


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Small deity crown diamond, Medium crown pink, Medium crown garnet, Medium crown multicolor, Large crown pink, Large crown red, Large crown diamond