Cow -Krishna’s friend Hamsi


Play with Krishna’s cow animal friends – toy cows for the best fun.

Cute little additions to the fun, Krishna’s cow friends are a charming gift to create a play pack for Krsna, and lovely to give to kids.

The charming cows are assorted heights

made from durable material for kids playtime. They suit the little krishna dolls really well.

These cows are the Lord’s pet animals. Of the surabhi cows, all of whom are very dear to Lord Krishna, seven are said to be the most important.

Krishna’s cow friends are named: Mangala, Pingala, Ganga, Pisangi, Manikastani, Hamsi and Vamsipriya.

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“The cows in Krishna’s abode are also liberated souls. They are called surabhi cows. There are many popular pictures showing how Krishna loves the cows, how He embraces and kisses them. That passive relationship with Krishna is called santa. Their perfect happiness is achieved when Krishna comes and simply touches them.” 

From the surabhi cows one can take as much milk as one needs, and one may milk these cows as many times as he desires. 

Science of Self-Realization, Chapter 8

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