Chubby krishna


Lovely Unique Krsna doll is perfect for kids training deities, so sweet and relatable for all ages.

There is only one doll like this in existence and this is He! Make Him yours now !

Those chubby cheeks and trusting eyes are looking up at you with love.



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Cherish this beautiful cuddly doll of Krsna.

As children progress through their ages to youth and then adult, it’s a beautiful tradition to start, to give them Krsna in a form they can relate to for that particular age.

This little Krishna deity doll will appeal to all ages. He is small and compact radiating charm – his eyes are wide, and his tummy chubby. He stands all innocently awaiting your love, and sending it back to you lovingly.

He is the perfect size for pockets, shelves, or anywhere your eyes can light on him with love.

If you gift him to a child then you can expect that he will be taken everywhere and never far from the sweet little hand and attached heart.

You can to your hearts content give him a little crown, but he already has a topknot, complete with a peacock feather and a flower in his hair!

He has tiny star shaped earrings, and a necklace of stars and heart locket. He wears little pearly anklebells and beautiful armlets adorned with heart jewels.

His eyes are big and open, and a little smile curves his lips, as He looks up at you trustingly.

Do you think He has just done something naughty? Or maybe He is ready to open His mouth and show Mother Yasoda the universal form, after claiming He was NOT eating dirt!

Kahna Krsna will capture the enthusiasm of children and adults alike and make him a firm favorite.

Because he is created from a sturdy plastic he is durable.

He can fit doll house accessories like beds or cradles and will be very sweet in a blanket.

He is also garnished with a water based poly- lacquer but should be protected from water and handled always with LOVE.


13cm tall

Sneak peek to the creation of these beautiful Krishna dolls coming soon!! Full length 1 hour creation process. If you buy him it might be nice to see exactly how he was made! With so much love always.
Click through to view this beautiful doll on You Tube

Buy a little SLEEPING BAG for Him,

and Buy Him some little Crown! If you like you can add on a DHOTI. A LUNCH BAG, A FLUTE to Tuck in His Lunch bag.

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Weight .09 g
Dimensions 30 × 8 × 7.5 cm