Blue daisy rocking cradle


Sleep tight Radha & Krishna dearest! Tuck Radha or Krishna dolls into bed in this adorable cot just perfectly sized for them. You can also of course use it for Krishna dolls, Rama dolls, or any other doll you have.

Pretty and sweet with vibrantly colored bedding, a snuggly soft pillow and a lovely warm quilt, this little rocking cradle bed is unique, and is exactly the right size for little Radha and Krishna dolls to snuggle into.

Make playtime extra fun and care for Baby Radha and Baby Krsna!

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Blueberries, blossoms and gold detailing artfully painted on this gorgeous blue wooden cradle.

The cradle gently rocks to and fro, putting little baby Radha dolls or Krishna dolls to sweet sleep, in an enchanting fashion.

Uniquely created as a one off design, this bed is enhanced with dreamy snuggly soft bedding. Lovingly hand painted

The fluffy mattress is stuffed with airy sheared wool stuffing, and the pillow the same. The adorable blanket with it’s lace edges is made with pure organic cotton fabric and the finest cotton printed cotton.

Happy little bedtime bedding in the cot for Radha or Krishna, and pillow/mattress in a playful pink pattern, made from the finest quality pure cotton fabric for durability and comfort.

This unique little hand made cot was lovingly decorated and sewn with a special quilt  just for Krishna and Radha dolls. You can see how snuggly Radha or Krishna can fit into this darling cradle.

It’s so much fun to put little Radha dolls and Krishna dolls to bed in their very own cot.

You will receive x1 cot, quilt, pillow and cot mattress. Doll not included.

ALL NEW cotton fabric, 100% cotton quilters heritage fabric used in creation of unique doll bedset.

Mattress made from finest pure wool covered with pretty cotton mattress cover.

Quilt hand made from 100% cotton fabric and 100% pure organic cotton quilt wadding.

Pillow made from 100% cotton fabric and stuffed with pure wool fibre.

The quality of all these bedding materials is very fine, as I am creating them from the highest quality cotton fabric and quilting and wool fibre – all from my incredible quilting fabric stash! It’s overflowing and I’m so happy to share the beautiful fabrics I have lovingly selected and hoarded. Limited availability on all styles.

No dolls included.

Additional information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 24 × 17 × 10 cm

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