Balaram Dauji doll poseable


Balaram doll poseable and laughing, matches Sri Krishna doll, buy together for the most fun!

Gather Krishna, Balaram and their cowherd friends and cows, and play in the grounds of Goverdhan Hill with friends.

The games Krishna and Balaram like to play include leapfrog, wrestling, pulling the tails of the monkeys and swimming in the sweet rivers of Jamuna.

Stage the pastimes and Remember Krishna and Balaram with play when you set up little pastimes of Krishna and Balaram and decorate them, offer them little beds to sleep in.

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This perfect Balaram doll is so fun to play with!

He’s made of resin,  and has a soft brushable hair.

His hands ankles knees and elbows move,  he can turn his head,  stand independently,  he’s a treasure!

Soft and sweet , Balaram can be yours! He stands around 16cm tall.

Balaram comes with a wig, dhoti, shawl, conch and anklets, garland, Balaram turban included.

You can also order a gorgeous bed or a throne to sit in.

Order Balarama a flute/ conch or lunch bag here: 

Fancy crowns can be added on, check the range here;

You can also order a fancy Flower Crown

Each Krishna/Balaram doll is uniquely painted, so please allow for a small variation in ornamentation, painting/ accessories and garments. While I endeavour to keep him as close to the original Krishna/Balaram doll as possible, some times improvements are made, or different braids are available!

order now to secure your darling Balaram doll.

Prices subject to change.

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Balarama doll – backordered?
What happens if a product is marked “On Backorder”? Backorder means you can still place your order for this product and I will work on it’s creation. Backordered products may make between 2-8 weeks to be created and shipped to you, depending on the availabilty of materials, and the amount of work in hand. If there is any urgency to your order, please do message me to check about how quickly it can be done, I’m always happy to try and accommodate your urgency.

Radha available Krishna available!

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