Deity painting service – metal Krishna deity, Nitai Gaura deities or Radharani murti


Faceup for Radha deities, Krishna deity, Lord Chaitanya deity or Lord Nityananda deity – in metal deity form.

Yes please! I would love to paint your deities! I cannot supply the deity but will do the painting for you! Large or small I love to paint them all.

I have experience painting Radha & Krishna deities of marble, metal, wood or resin. If your deities are wood or resin please contact me to discuss, as the amount of energy these deities or statues take to paint can vary wildly, depending on your desires, like if you want the full body color painted or otherwise.

You really have to live local to get this service… I am based in Australia, and you would need to ship your deities to my location to be posted back at your expense, or personally deliver and collect 🙂

If you have other Hindu murti, please do contact me to inquire if I can paint your deity form. Probably yes, but maybe not!

Whether you have Krishna alone, or with Radha, or Chaitanya and Nityananda, please treat each as an individual deity and add quantity required to paint to your order. I hope this will be simple for you!




Do you need your deity or deities painted?

I offer a painting service for your deities of Krishna, Nitai Gaurachandra or Radharani.

I could also paint Lord Rama… other deities please ask!

It takes a lot of patience, and a steady hand to paint deities, and I would love to put this ability to use for you.  I can only do it to my skill level of course, so do have a look through my gallery and see if you would be satisfied with what I can do!

This service is for Metal deities, and includes painting deities eyes, face features (mouth/ nose/ eyebrow/ tilak /face decorations) and hair. Hands, feet, ear color.

It does not include a full color body change (That needs to be done with a special type of industrial paint, and I do not have the equipment to do that.)

Additional information

Deity Size

under 9inch, under 16inch, under 30inch

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