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Radharani’s 8 chief gopi companions

· Radharani, Lalita, Vishaka, Campakalata, Citra-devi, Tunga Vidya, Indulekha, Ranga devi, Sudevi ·

She also excitingly commissioned new gopi dolls for her granddaughters – she wanted to give them a birthday gift to match the Krsna doll they already had, and asked me to create two more gopi friends as well as Radharani. Well you can imagine the burst of joyous creativity this inspired! I worked on Lalita…

Choosing a Krishna Deity

· Worshipping Krishna in deity form. Life is so sweet when you are at Krishna’s lotus feet ·

  I have long admired the Krishna deities which my friends and family have worshipped. Krishna has so many different moods! We know that, looking at a deity of Krishna it doesn’t matter from what His form is created. Be it carved wood, formed clay, poured metal or crafted marble – Krishna is so captivating…

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